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Why do I need a hot tub cover? Portable Spas - Fiberglass / Acrylic Spas / Hot Tubs If your spa / hot tub is made of fiberglass or acrylic, you MUST cover it because the sun's UV rays will damage all areas above the waterline. "Spider web" type cracks will begin to appear and they will eventually turn into cracks that cause the tub to leak. Plaster Spas (aka Gunite) Plaster spas (a type of cement) does not require a cover to protect it from the sun. The tile @ the waterline is designed to protect the plaster as the water level fluctuates from evaporation. But plaster spas do benefit from a cover (see below) and may be required by law in your state. Reasons To Cover Your Spa / Hot Tub 1) Local state ordinance may require that your cover is ASTM approved to be a child safety cover that is lockable. 2) Portable spas / hot tubs use electric heaters and are NOT able to raise the temperature of cold water to 104 degrees without a cover.  3) Users of portable sp

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Ideal Spa Cover Care The Sun is a Killer! If you keep the spa cover clean it will last for many years. Have you owned a spa cover in the past only to have it wear out in just a few short years? Did you ever clean it? Did you put any type of protectant on it? At least once a month the spa cover needs to be cleaned. Using a high pressure garden nozzle and a gentle liquid soap (Ivory. Palmolive, Dawn liquid soap) wet and wash the spa cover. Use a sponge to lift the dirt once the soap has been applied. Do NOT use any abrasives (SOS pad). Rinse and dry the spa cover to prevent hard water stains. This is best done early in the day before the cover has had a chance to warm up in the sun. Every month we recommend using 303 Aerospace Protectant to prevent slow fade by 95% over the next 5 years. Your spa cover will love you and you will love how the old cover looks new. Simply spray on the 303 and wipe of excess. The 303 Aerospace Protectant has a SPF 40 , its like sunscreen for y

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Spa Water Chemistry Bromine : Chemical used to sanitize water. A level of 3.0 to 5.0 ppm should be maintained. pH (potential Hydrogen) : A scale of 1 to 14 that measure the alkalinity of the water. A reading below 7.0 equals acidic water and will cause etching of the plaster, staining and corrosion to the metal pipes and heater and could be irritating to swimmers. If the pH is above 8.0 the water will be cloudy, scale will build up along the tile and in the pipes. The filter will become clogged and circulation will diminish. A high pH also makes chlorine less efficient but Bromine works OK at a pH of 8.0. In A Fiberglass spa keep the pH at 8.0 or above. Acid Demand : If the pH is above 7.8, use the #3 test solution 1-drop at a time to determine how much acid is required to bring the pH down to the ideal range of 7.4 to 7.6. Count the number of drops and compare against the chart in the test kit to determine how much acid. NOTE *** Dry acid is preferred when adju

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Salt Pool vs. Liquid Chlorine Pool TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) is a measurement of ALL things that come into contact with the water. When a chemical is added it leaves behind “salts”. When a swimmer swims they sweat just as much as they would if they were running. The difference is that it is all washed away by the water. Sweat is salt. If the wind blows dust into the pool it will add to the TDS. If the birds “drop” into the water this adds the TDS. And Urine adds to the TDS. Fresh water is anything from 250ppm to 1000 ppm Saline Solution (eye drops) 15,000 to 30,000 ppm Sea water is 30,000 to 40,000 ppm If the TDS is higher than 2500 ppm in a swimming pool we recommend draining the pool. (In the pool industry we usually get complaints about the pool tasting salty at 5000 ppm) If the pool has a high concentration of swimmers at one time and the TDS has tested at or above 2500 ppm, the usual source of the “salty taste” is from sweat floating at the top of the wa

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The Ideal Spa Cover is #1 All spa covers are NOT created equal! Ideal Spa Covers have over 20 points of reinforcement. Chris Graham, owner of Spa Covers Etc., in Orange County, Ca. would like to share some of those points with you. Ideal Spa Covers are CUSTOM MADE to Order. Every spa cover order is made to the customer's specifications, choice of color, and choice of foam core density. Our spa covers are NOT generic sizes "that will work". At Ideal Spa Covers all spa covers are made by hand using industrial grade machines enabling us to make the strongest, longest lasting spa cover, in a wide variety of custom sizes and shapes. Ideal Spa Covers uses a proprietary blend Vinyl. Exclusive to Ideal! Ideal Spa Covers has been in business over 25 years. This has made for a great relationship between Ideal Spa Covers and the manufacturer of the Vinyl. Over the years the formula of the Vinyl has been "tweaked" to meet the needs for our spa covers. This a

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Spa Covers Etc. (Formerly Discount Pool Supply) Established 1997  In 1997, Chris Graham established Discount Pool Supply, a mobile Pool and Spa Supply "On Wheels". From 1987 to 1997 Chris worked as the store manager for Allred's Pool Supplies in Laguna Hills, Mission Pool and Spa Supplies in Mission Viejo and Sierra Pool and Spa in Lake Forest, Ca..  Chris realized that certain needs were not being met by the traditional swimming pool store. The main thing that was not offered as a service is HOME DELIVERY. As a "mobile" swimming pool store, Discount Pool Supply, is able to sell products such as Custom Vinyl Spa Covers , a product that is very big and bulky and may be difficult for a customer to transport to their home. And since you can't bring your pool or spa to us, we make house calls. This ensures that you get the correct replacement parts for your pool or spa and potential future problems are able to be fixed before they become a ma

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Ideal Spa Covers has patented an ALL NEW Spa Cover! The new design is the only spa cover to feature a 5 inch thick foam that tapers to 2 inches. In addition to the new foam, the spa cover features a new way to sew the vinyl. Ideal Spa Covers has eliminated approximately 50% of the stitches from the topside of the cover protecting areas that are prone to damage from moisture. The 5" x 2" is the  ONLY spa cover with 3 FULL inches of taper (slope) which allows water to run-off faster than the competition! The 5" x 2" is GREAT for areas with snow! The extra taper helps shed the snow (think of the houses back east with pitched (sloped) roofs.) The new stitching design helps to prevent rain from penetrating through the top of the spa cover with approximately 50% less stitches . The new stitching design makes it possible for the cover to be available in a TWO-TONE color scheme. For more information and pictures visit us The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover | Sp