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Spa Covers - Tapered Foam Vs. Flat Foam

by Spa Covers Etc.

In the early years of the hot tub industry there wasn't much thought put into the engineering of the HOT TUB COVER.

In the beginning, spa / hot tub covers were made of generic, off the shelf vinyl and a FLAT foam core. It didn't take long, usually after the first decent rain, the owner's of the covers reported that they have become very heavy (sometimes too heavy to lift). The flat foam core design allowed water to puddle on top of the cover and because ALL spa covers are sewn together, there are SEVERAL punctures (holes) in the vinyl dew to the stitches which allow water into the cover itself. This can water-log the foam core.

Flat foam core covers do NOT encourage the water to run-off so the cover becomes heavy. Over time, the weight of the water puddling on the cover will cause the foam core to sag (bow) into the spa, exacerbating the problem ever more because the water begins to wick into the spa cover adding more weight. 

Now we have MANY foam core options! But what do they mean?

Ideal Spa Covers Uses 4" x 2" Foam Core

Spa Covers Etc. has been an Independent Authorized Dealer of Ideal Spa Covers for over 20 years. Ideal Spa Covers practically invented the modern TAPERED foam spa cover. They use a 4" thick foam core that tapers to 2" thick. This means that the spa cover is 4" thick in the center and 2" at the edge. Like an "A" frame roof that is peaked in the middle, not only does it encourage water (and snow) to run-off, it also adds strength to the design.

And Because The Cover Is Sewn Together...
Even with a full 2" taper, some water will get inside the spa cover. And when the spa is heated, steam will penetrate the cover through the underside's stitches. When you remove the spa cover, the steam will cool back into liquid water. Because of this Ideal Spa Covers adds a Vapor Proof Barrier VPB3000. Exclusive to the Ideal Spa Cover, the VPB3000 is a heavy duty plastic that is vacuumed-sealed around the foam core ensuring that moisture does NOT come in contact with the foam. This eliminates the problem FLAT foams have with retaining water weight.

When water from rain / snow lands on the Ideal Spa Cover, due to the 2" taper, water runs-off quickly. Any water that does penetrate the vinyl simply bypasses the sealed foam core and goes through the drain holes located on the bottom of the spa cover. 

NEW - The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover 5" x 2" 

The ONLY spa cover with Three Inches of taper!
Exclusively @ Spa Covers Etc.

The "Other Guys" Common Foam Cores:
3.5" x 2.5" - only 1" of taper.
4" x 2.5" - only 1.5" of taper.

Watch Out For The Bigger Is Better Advertisements!
5" x 3" - Yes it has a 2" taper, BUT it weighs 25% MORE!
6" x 4" - This is CRAZY! Same taper BUT 50% more weight!



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