Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Ultimate Waterfall Spa Cover

Ideal Spa Covers has patented an ALL NEW Designed Spa Cover!

The new design is the only spa cover to feature a 5 inch thick foam that tapers to 2 inches. In addition to the new foam, the spa cover features a new way to sew the vinyl. Ideal Spa Covers has eliminated approximately 50% of the stitches from the topside of the cover protecting areas that are prone to damage from moisture.

The 5" x 2" is the  ONLY spa cover with 3 FULL inches of taper (slope) which allows water to run-off faster than the competition!

The 5" x 2" is GREAT for areas with snow! The extra taper helps shed the snow (think of the houses back east with pitched (sloped) roofs.)

The new stitching design helps to prevent rain from penetrating through the top of the spa cover with approximately 50% less stitches.

The new stitching design makes it possible for the cover to be available in a TWO-TONE Color scheme.

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